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About English For Kids - PRO

This is no-ads version of "English For Kids" app.
This app is very useful for your kids who need to improve English vocabulary, listening and reading abilities. You can let your kids learn English with hundreds of vocabulary with images and pronunciation. It's very easy to use with simple, intuitive and powerful interface.
This app is abundant in subjects used in daily situations. Let’s learn with your kids with a lot of fun.

New features:
- ABC Course: let your kids learn letters from A to Z step-by-step;
- Vocabulary Course: many lessons and levels to help your kids remember English words easily.

Subjects included:

- Colors
- Animals
- Insects
- Alphabet
- Numbers
- Shapes
- Fruits
- Food
- Body Parts
- Transport
- Clothes
- Sports
- Vegetables
- Verbs
- Occupations
- Appliances
- Emotions
- School
- Places
- Kitchen
- Weather
- Bathroom
- Living room
- Flowers
- Country Flags
- Musical Instruments
- Fairy Tales
- Solar System
- Ancient Greece
- Ancient Egypt
- Daily Routines
and more.

Happy Learning :)