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About FlexiPurchase

The new way to manage your expenses with FlexiPurchase

All the FlexiPurchase functions you’re used to are now at your fingertips – making it easy to manage your expenses on the go, as they come up. The new FlexiPurchase App lets you view, code and approve expenses, all on your mobile or tablet.

Taking care of business
Expenses don’t just come up when you’re at work on your computer, they happen when you’re out and about. And with the FlexiPurchase App, you can take care of cash and card expenses the same way. Using mobile and cloud technology on your device, the App lets you:
+ Capture expense data.
+ Take photos of your receipts. Powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology then extracts the key data, and links your receipts with your expenses.
+ Keep track of your receipts in the image library.
+ View your card purchases, as well as any policy or approval rules associated with your expenses – all on the same screen.
+ Code, submit and approve expenses.

The App’s backed by a banking-grade security system too, so you can manage everything with confidence.

Already a FlexiPurchase customer?
Just download the App onto your device, and create your mobile PIN.
Then you’re good to go.

easy to use, can code expenses on the APP, no need to keep paper receipts just take a photo and they are attached to my expense. simple and easy
Lee Box
It's a real time saver
Peter Moffatt
Brett Southey