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About Spades

Enjoy the essence of the classic Spades game, specially conceived for your you. This will be your best ever experience on a Spades game!

The awesome AI adjusts to your playing level so you are sure to put your skills to test and have lots of fun.

You will be amazed by the crisp clear cards, fantastic graphics and sound effects. But most of all, you will LOVE the incredible artificial intelligence that adapts to your level. It is always challenging and engaging.

Best, you play for free!

Stable, fast, always improving! But above all: fun!


♠ Amazing graphics and awesome sound effects
♠ Unbelievable self adjusting AI
♠ 120, 500 or 750 score games
♠ Play with or without Blind Nill
♠ Customizable cards, backgrounds and faces
♠ Full Scoreboard and Stats tracking
♠ Outstanding card animations
♠ Several game options
♠ Classic Spades gameplay with no Jokers
♠ Auto save and resume when you are back

This is the killer Spades app that you were waiting for. Install it NOW on your device. Try our Spades plus Gin Rummy, Solitaire and other super titles we developed for you!

Install it NOW - !!

- Sharpen your brain;
- Have fun and relax!

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Im losing but I really enjoy this game. It's very challenging.
Wenona Thornton
Fair game of spades no bull it
Brenda Peters
Grt. Mind Relaxing Game
Willie Lee Carr