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About FashionTIY - B2B Online Wholesale Market

FashionTIY - B2B Online Wholesale Market for Fashion Clothing, Jewelry, Accessory, Beauty, Bag, Shoes, Home&Garden, Wedding&Party, etc of Women, Men and Kids.

What services does FashionTIY provide? And why choose us?

1.All Products are Self-Operated
Yes, just like you buy a book from Amazon, wholesalers no longer need to select who is the most trustworthy suppliers from 1,000+ suppliers when purchasing, we do it for you.

2.100,000+ Non-Repeating Products
We do not produce any products, we just gather together excellent products for you. There are currently 100,000+ products for you to choose. The difference is that all our products are non-repeating. You don't need to spend energy to distinguish and think "Are the goods in these two stores the same? Are their materials the same? Why is there such a big gap in the price?" Etc.

3.Competitive Price
FashionTIY has a huge price advantage compared with the suppliers you know, we can provide you with a lower price with the same quality. Saving 40%-70% cost for you on average compared with the other online wholesale markets.

4.Strict Quality Control and After-Sales Service
Any product you purchase will be shipped from our warehouse after strict quality inspection and packaging, once an abnormal product is found, we will intercept it immediately. At the same time, we provide a long-term after-sales service period of up to 30 days, if the products you received has any quality or transportation damage problems, please contact us in time.

5.Timely Customer Service and Customized Service
If you have any questions or customized requirements for the product, please contact us via live chat on PC or APP, we will provide you with one to one solution and guidance.

6.All Services are Free
Yes, all the above additional services (negotiation with suppliers, pre-sales, after-sales, quality inspection, packaging, etc.) are free, you don't need to pay any fees for them. All your expenses include only the following two points:
.The actual cost of the product you purchased.
.The shipping cost of your products (DHL / UPS).

We have helped many customers save on average 40%+ of purchasing cost, greatly improve the profit margin of the business. At the same time, we will free you from the tedious daily purchase, so that you have enough time and energy to accompany your family.

If you happen to need a similar service, why not try it? Take action immediately and join us now to help you free yourself from confusion and tedious purchase. Let's make it easy, simple, comfortable, and better.


If you cannot find the products you want here, or have a bulk order or special request, please feel free to contact us or follow us by any of the methods below:
● Live Chat: Find it in or App(Android/iOS)
● Email:[email protected]
● Facebook:
● Twitter:
● LinkedIn :
● Instagram:

Any other questions? You can find answers here:

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I am in the wholesale and retail business for many years, this APP is like a trusted old friend. But I sincerely hope this platform is better.
Peter Smith
I have to say that the price of the self-operated platform is quite cheap, and the logistics are very fast, I can also check the order information at any time and pay attention to the shipment and receipt of...
Alberto Dsuza
I'm used to purchasing on FashionTIY. My retail store has a wide range of business, but whether it is clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, I can complete a one-stop-shop here, it is really very convenient.
Sani Sanford
Not bad! The wholesale price is really cheap. By the way, the product packaging is very careful, and such a long transportation distance is not damaged at all, thank you.
John Cena
Overall it is not bad. However, there is a personal suggestion that our consumers should try first then pay for the product. I believe that users on this APP are really want to purchase products for business.
Marry Hopes
Feel is not bad, I have purchased many times for my clothing store. DHL express shipping, the price is still cheap. But l still need FashionTIY continue to help us to control the product quality. After all, ...
John Leather