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About Minesweeper: World

Minesweeper: World - Classic Tile Puzzle Game is a challenging tile game. In this game, you need to blow your mind and find mines under blocks. When all tiles are cleared, you can pass the current level! This logic puzzle game includes large numbers of stress free levels. Some levels might be challenging. Focus your mind and solve these puzzling levels, and quickly find them easy and exciting! Become the master!

Master the Minesweeper 📣

- The new version of Minesweeper is a simple puzzle with addictive gameplay: Dig blocks of matching tiles or bricks, uncover numbers, flag the mines, clear all the tiles and Win! Have a blast in Minesweeper! Just don't blow up!

- Complete various levels, unlock worlds one by one. Let's travel around the exciting blockscapes with Minesweeper World!! 🤩

- No time limit! Choose tiles in the level through masterful deduction. Watch out for the wrong tile or you will be eliminated! Focus your brain and enjoy your time in this sudoku tile numbers puzzle game! ⭐️

Game features🌟

- Various styles of cute colorful tiles. Each tile blockscape is different and varies from one to another! Explore the styles everyday!

- Challenge unique levels, dig up more mines, unlock more world maps 🗺 and enjoy your brain time! Start your mine Tile Master journey with Minesweeper World!

- Hundreds of layouts and useful tips and help 💡 !

- Soon there will be many skins and themes: Forests , Mountains, Desserts, ... Unlock by playing!

Ready to play

- Easy and casual addictive gameplay, open and focus your mind!

- A lot harder levels, interesting tile sets. Challenge yourself! ✊

- Flag all mines and eliminate them! Enjoy this free puzzle tile game! 😆

- Available to play on many mobile and tablet devices!

Try our free puzzle games and Play OFFLINE/FREE at any time, anywhere on either Phone or tablet!

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I've never seen hexagonal styled minesweeper but then it is easy to learn and fun to play. Would recommend 5/5!!
Some time I was wondering how much I can get.
Chan Monyroth
Great new take of an old classic. Really enjoying it so far
Katiso Thatho