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About Real Tasbeeh Counter

We are excited to bring you a wonderful digital counter, tasbeeh, with you.

You can easily hide your rosary with the smart tasbeeh application, which is designed exactly like the real tasbeeh. The mobile tasbeeh application that you can use for Salat-ı Tefriciye and prayer prayer records all your past remembrances.

With the smart tasbeeh application, you can leave your prayer halves and continue from where you left off. Even when you close the application, when you open it again, the previous number is not deleted from the screen, your counter is deleted only when the “Reset” button is pressed.

The pocket tasbeeh app gives you a vibration alert during counting so you don't have to look at the phone screen during your rosary. Designed exactly like the real tasbeeh, the Smart tasbeeh app essentially consists of a counter, reset and save buttons.

The application can make adjustments such as visual and vibration from the settings button at the top of the screen; If you wish, you can change the colors of the meter and put the tasbeeh app for smartphones into night mode, which provides less battery consumption. Completely free and internet-free tasbeeh application will never show disturbing advertisements during your remembrances.

✔ Even if you close the application, the reminder counter will never be reset unless you press the reset button.

✔ Our application has the feature of reading aloud. You can turn on the voice reading feature at any time and use it without looking at the screen. You can customize the reading aloud feature as you wish from the settings menu in the device. For example: You can choose the language you want, you can use the TTS engine you want. You can even change the tone of sound as well as the fast read-slow read feature.

✔ You can customize the appearance of the zikirmatic application through different themes.

✔ Tasbeeh application saves battery in less light environments thanks to its night mode.

✔ Thanks to the vibrating alerts, you can remind you without looking at the screen. (The vibration can be turned on or off as required.)

✔ Another feature is the target section. You can choose a target number for yourself. In this target number, you can stop the counter, vibrate or set the alert me multiples of this target number.

✔ You can perform your counting by switching to full screen mode or leaving the full screen mode.

✔ Our application provides service in approximately 60 languages.

✔ You can share our application with your desired friend with a click.

✔ japamala

* And download more now to see the difference. *

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Nice counter 😃😊😋😄😁😜😍😘
anita panda
Shammas Kummali
It's very nice but why adds are automatic and if we need to let adds not in our app we should pay £1,9 THIS IS TOTALLY UNFAIR
Ossama Elkady
جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا كَثِيرًا