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About Solar Panel Simulator for PV System 3D

Get ready to simulate your desired PV System for any chosen location. Rotate your phone, face all the directions, choose the right position of your solar panels, compare the results with the ideal position. User friendly interface and easy to use. Choose location, Configure your PV System and Simulate.

* Available 4 Simulators:
- Energy Yield Simulator
- Electricity Generation Simulator
- Savings Simulator
- Payback Simulator

* NOTE: In order to use the Simulators, your phone needs to have magnetometer and gyroscope for obtaining tilt angle and orientation of your PV System.

* With this app you will get all the necessary parameters that you need for your future PV System. From the Simulators you will obtain real-time data for any chosen location, configuration and orientation:
- Current annual electricity generation
- Optimal annual electricity generation
- Current monthly electricity generation
- Optimal monthly electricity generation
- Current energy yield
- Optimal energy yield
- Current savings
- Ideal savings
- Current payback period
- Optimal payback period
- Current and optimal tilt angle
- Current and optimal orientation

* Get more than an app
- Our goal is not only to help you find the best output for your PV System, but also to help you explore the possibility of the solar power as an unlimited source of energy and to encourage you in making a very minor impact on the climate change.
- Whenever you need help for designing your PV System or interpretation of the data, open the user manual from the app or just contact us.

Best of The Best
Andreas Iliou
Very useful tool for anybody with a personal solar system and even more so for those who install to show their customers payback, solar yield, savings etc.
Family time
Ok not bad