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About Funny Food! Kids Learning Games 4 Toddler ABC Math

Learning game for kindergarten with many math and ABC alphabet educational mini games. Your kids will learn useful information with pleasure! Let's play with us!

Over 20 million kids around the world study and learn with Funny Food!

The educational app Funny Food is rated #1 in the Kids category in USA.

🤓Kids’ Academy brings together your children’s favorite games into one educational super-project! Now, all you need to prepare your child for school is available for download in a single app.

Subscribe to the world of Funny Food and learning will always be fun, fascinating and engaging.

Kids’ Academy includes 12 of the most useful and necessary topics for a child’s education and multifaceted development:

🌈Letters of the Alphabet – This topic has been designed to enable children to quickly recognize and write each letter of the alphabet. Preparing them for the first stage of reading. Letter tracing alphabet flash cards.

🌈Numbers, Counting and Math – Your child will learn to count from numbers 1 to 10, then, how to write them and finally, they will be introduced to simple math in a clear and entertaining way. Math games for kindergarten.

🌈Logic and thinking – We give your child simple tasks to teach them how to find logical connections and learn about the concept of cause and effect. Toddler games for 3 year olds.

🌈Memory and attention – This section helps to develop and train your child’s memory, using various types of image recognition, focusing on attention to detail. Children games educational apps.

🌈Shapes and sizes – Your child will study all the basic geometric shapes, and how they compare and relate to one another. Shapes for kindergarten.

🌈Colors – Your child will learn the names of the basic colors and how to distinguish them one from the other. Jigsaw puzzles for kids.

🌈Puzzles – We train your child in fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, developing their imagination, speech and perspective. Free educational games for kids.

🌈Creativity – Your child will discover their creative potential, forming their own point of view and individuality. Thinking games for kids.

🌈Fun Games – Your child can relax and be delighted by the lovable characters and fun music. Child development app.

🌈Favorites – We bookmark the games your child has fallen in love with, putting them in a special category for quick recall in the app. Free games for kids.

Kids’ Academy features:

• 56 learning games in English
• Fun and colorful artwork
• Bright and enjoyable animation
• Professional voice work
• Lively, funny characters
• Pre-school learning
• Suitable for boys and girls
• Quick development in a fun, easy game format
• For children ages 3-6
• Prepares the hand for writing
• A unique educational methodology for the youngest learners
• Parental control
• Learning games for kindergarten
• Without third-party advertising
• Without internet access

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Please note: there is only a part of the content available in the free version of the application. To gain access to the whole content, you need to make the in-app purchase.

📍Subscription Details:📍

With your subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to all mini-games within the app, for as long as you’re a member.

At each renewal date (whether monthly or annually), your account will automatically be charged the subscription fee. If you’d prefer not to be automatically charged, just head to your Account Settings and turn off ‘Auto Renew’.

Your subscription can be cancelled at any time, without fee or penalty. (Note: you won’t be refunded for any unused portion of your subscription.)

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