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About Filexx Cleaner - Free Storage And Data

Filexx Cleaner is the protection app you need to free your phone! Forget about junks and freezes! Scan storage to remove unused files and get more free memory on your device!

Remember the rules to clean your device with Files Cleaner:
1️⃣ Swipe to analyze your phone storage.
2️⃣ Wait until the device scan process ends.
3️⃣ Follow recommendations to remove unused files.
🎉 Congratulations! Use cleaner when your memory is low!

Filexx Cleaner cool quarks and features:

📱 Works on android 6.0+ (covers 98% of devices)
Everyone with not ‘dinosaur era’’ device can use Filexx and increase their device performance.

🧹 Cleans logs&cache files. 
Some apps produce innnumerous amount of  utility data. Such files can take a lot of storage space. There are different cleanup settings so you remove only files you don’t need.

📁 Removes installers to get more free space.
Sometimes people keep installers’s packages on their devices. You can easily delete such files and cleanup phone.

🔋 Speeds Up your device.
When you clean up your device, remove all suspicious apps that slow you work - you get high performance of your phone that you deserve!

We are always eager to create amazing and useful products! We would be happy if you tell us how we can improve our app. For all requests, suggestions, feedback feel free to contact us with email : [email protected] . Follow us to get new updates.

If you like our Filexx Cleaner App we would be grateful if you give us 5 starts and a positive review! 

Stay connected! Stay secure!

I love this app. I find it so easy to use to clear junk etc. Amazing to keep the phone clear of clutter. Thank you😀
The app virus cleaner works just fine until the evening and nite sets in. After that, it will scan but not clean. I have to wait till the next morning before it will work again. This problem needs to be fixed.
Gods Salvation Корней
Excellent app! I use it regularly and it does a great job of getting rid of junk files and hidden cache. 5*
Heathcliff 43