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About Dwell: Audio Bible

Fall in love with listening to the most important book in history: the Bible.

Dwell has been called "the Spotify of Scripture" because of how easy (and delightful!) we've made it to explore the Bible. Browse popular passages or curated playlists that include select verses by theme. Use our Listening Plans to help you cultivate a habit of seeking God in Scripture every day. Or take the traditional approach: pick your favorite book and dive in!

Connect with scripture through 4 brand new recordings of the Bible, each showcasing a unique and inspiring voice. And with intimate background music exclusively composed for Scripture listening by Steinway Artist Chad Lawson, you'll be drawn into every story like never before.

Dwell is unique in that you can switch voices and background music on-the-fly without losing your place in the audio. Plus, every book, story, playlist, and plan is accompanied by beautiful artwork.

Access all of the Bible—including every book, plan, playlist, and curated passage—by signing up for a 7-day trial. Download Dwell now and transform the way you experience Scripture.


• The Bible in the traditional book-and-chapter form

• 44 listening plans that take you through books or themes one day at a time

• 261 curated passages of noteworthy Scripture - a great place to begin if you’re unsure of where to start

• 44 playlists that help you travel through Scripture by theme


• The Spotify of Scripture
Because the Bible is really a library, we’ve gone to great lengths to make its life-changing content deeply explorable.

• Genuine Voices
Dwell offers 4 brand new recordings of Scripture, read by people who love the Bible as much as you do.

• Evocative Artwork
We’ve commissioned beautiful original artwork for every book of the Bible, listening plan, playlist, and curated passage.

• Intimate Music
Listen to original music underneath the Bible narration, composed just for Scripture by Steinway Artist Chad Lawson. It’s music that doesn’t distract, but instead draws you into the text.

• Listening Queue
Add Scripture to your queue so you always have something to listen to on your next 30-minute commute or 45-minute run.


Dwell offers either an auto-renewing subscription or a one-time, “Lifetime” purchase of the app:

• Dwell Annual: $29.99 per year (after 7-day Trial)
• Dwell Lifetime: $149.99 (one-time purchase)

These prices are for US customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Read more about our terms and conditions here:

Read more about our privacy policy here:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Dwell?

Dwell is an audio Bible app that allows you to listen to the Bible and explore its content easily and delightfully.

How can I access the Bible on Dwell?

You can access the Bible on Dwell by signing up for a 7-day trial, which gives you access to every book, plan, playlist, and curated passage.

What features does Dwell offer?

Dwell offers features such as 4 brand new recordings of the Bible with unique and inspiring voices, background music composed for Scripture listening, the ability to switch voices and music on-the-fly without losing your place, and beautiful artwork accompanying every book, story, playlist, and plan.

What can I find in the 7-day trial of Dwell?

In the 7-day trial of Dwell, you can find the Bible in traditional book-and-chapter form, 44 listening plans, 261 curated passages of noteworthy Scripture, and 44 playlists to help you travel through Scripture by theme.

Why is Dwell unique?

Dwell is unique because it is referred to as "the Spotify of Scripture" and offers a deeply explorable library of the Bible. It also provides genuine voices reading the Scripture, evocative artwork for every book, plan, playlist, and curated passage, intimate music composed for Scripture, and the ability to create a listening queue for your convenience.

What are the pricing options for Dwell?

Dwell offers an annual subscription of $29.99 per year (after the 7-day trial) or a one-time "Lifetime" purchase of the app for $149.99. Prices may vary in different countries based on their local currency.
I really love this app! Listening to scripture as opposed to just reading it has so much potential. Listen while driving, while doing a workout, or settling for sleep in bed...or whatever works for you. Bein...
Sara Fox
I rarely leave reviews on apps, and I am a discipline follower of Jesus who believes in staying in the word all day everyday. I want to thank you guys for your heart to revamp and completely recreate the way...
Tristin Wathen
Dwell is getting even better! Love this new thing where it can repeat the passage with pauses for reflection. Love it! One of the few apps I've been willing to pay for.
Joyce Martin
Fantastic experience and customization. May God's word dwell in us all!
Timothy Jollay
Love it.
Tim Vande Griend
Excellent resource to help you stay in scripture in spite of the craziness of day to day life! Love the voices and music!