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About Chess - Best Games - Tutorials

Chess - Learn to play chess - Best chess games of all times.

Video tutorials with best chess tips and explanations.

Opening teaching, best moves to start a chess game.

Artificial intelligence games explained: AlphaZero vs Stockfish.

Find games of best players of all times:

- Garry Kasparov
- Magnus Carlsen
- Bobby Fischer
- Anatoly Karpov

Find videos of chess teachings like:

- What Is a Gambit?
- Basics of the Sicilian Defense
- Basics of The Italian Game
- Top 8 Chess Mistakes
- The Most Common Opening Inaccuracies
- How to think in Chess
- Beginners' Openings and Tactics
- Strategic Ideas for Beginners
- Popular Beginner Openings
- Najdorf Structures
- Evaluating Positions & Creating Plans
- Trading Pieces & Pawns
- Strategic Ideas in the Opening
- Recognizing Combos
- Effective Development

All videos are played from youtube providing views and subscribers to their respective channels. If any video is copyright protected and should not be in this app, please contact us and it will be removed immediately.

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natnael Sintayehu
This is one of the best learning app that I ever download in my opinion
Marcos Leliebre
Excellent app, it's everything you need to learn and improve your skills. Exactly what I have been looking for...I highly recommend this!!
Peter Kiprop