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About Gloomy Tales: Episode 2

You will now see more supernatural than you ever expected or dreamed of! Embark on a spine-tingling journey in the latest episode of the "Gloomy Tales" mystery games series, titled "Meeting the Faceless". As the clock ticks ominously, you'll navigate a world shrouded in fear and mystery, seeking answers that lie hidden amidst the shadows. Hunt for hidden objects, solve brain teasers and puzzles, and seek the truth behind Ollister's curse. As time dwindles, rescue Millie and countless others from wicked monsters' grasp. Can you decipher the enigma before becoming one? Adventure and horror await!

Millie is captured by a monster named Ollister, who also leaves his cursed mark on you. Does this mean you can die as well or even become…a monster? Well, just ask the master of the occult himself J.J. Power, professor-extraordinaire. Meanwhile, Ollister's out on the prowl, and he's not alone. Turns out we hold not only Millie's life in our hands, but also dozens of people, cheated and kidnapped by wicked monsters. And the time to save them is running out…

🎈 Heart-pounding horror quest!
Every minute counts! Unravel the chilling mystery in these hide and seek games. Can you outwit the malevolent monster? Dive into the shadows, decipher brain teasers, puzzles, and search for hidden objects. It's a race against time – rescue awaits!

🎈 Unleash your inner hunter!
Become a seasoned pro in the art of monster hunting with this journey! Embark on a captivating adventure of seeking, mystery, and excitement not only for hidden objects, but for clues and secrets! Dive into this episode to unravel the secrets of the supernatural world!

🎈 Trick and treat!
Get ready for a chilling journey filled with seeking, mystery, and adventure as you gather an eerie assortment of Halloween-themed collectibles. From ghostly ghouls to pumpkin treasures, dive into the supernatural episode of horror games to unravel all brain teasers!

🎈 Immersive exploration!
Explore hauntingly beautiful environments, each filled with Halloween magic waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourself in a world of pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and eerie graveyards. Solve intricate puzzles, hide and seek games, and unravel the mysteries that lie within this journey!

Enjoy the free trial version of the horror games episode, then unlock the full game through an in-app purchase.

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Uncover the mystery of "Gloomy Tales: Meeting the Faceless" horror games episode! Seek and find hidden objects, solve brain teasers, and embark on a journey full of puzzles, supernatural, adventure, and hide and seek games!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the title of the latest episode of the "Gloomy Tales" mystery game series?

The latest episode is titled "Meeting the Faceless".

What can players expect in "Gloomy Tales: Episode 2"?

Players can expect a spine-tingling journey filled with supernatural elements, fear, and mystery. They will hunt for hidden objects, solve brain teasers and puzzles, and seek the truth behind Ollister's curse.

Is there a time limit in the game?

Yes, there is a time limit. Every minute counts as players unravel the chilling mystery and race against time to rescue Millie and others from wicked monsters.

Can players die or become monsters in the game?

The text suggests that players can potentially die or become monsters. For more information, players are encouraged to ask J.J. Power, the master of the occult, who is involved in the game's storyline.

Is the game focused on horror and adventure?

Yes, the game combines elements of horror and adventure. Players will experience heart-pounding horror quests, immersive exploration, and tricks and treats, all while unraveling the supernatural mysteries.
Storyline, graphics, controls and gameplay are well done. Has a fast travel map and a journal. The length is rather short for these chapter series. No issues.
Susan Matthews
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