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About Head Boxing ( D&D Dream )

Spectacular comic boxing game with fighting elements!
A thrilling contest of characters with full of personality! Be careful since you may have your bones broken.
Realistic movements and actions owing to the motion capture technology!
Revolutionary mobile fighting game – head boxing!
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1. Characters using various attacking and special skills
2. Diverse costume beyond your imagination
3. 7 mystical modes (arcade, championship, survival, death mode, and league, 2Players, Multiplay)
4. Two players can play together
5. Pet breeding system
6. Upgrade the system.
7. 100 achievements and daily achievements
8. Rich sound of professional voice actors
9. Comic and diverse facial expressions
10. Bone fracture system.

Good game
Enare Abang
It is a good app
Wavy boy 19 Petit
Excellent Game!!
arul rodriguez