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About Music Touch - Song creator and editor

With this application, you can make a complete and original song with just 3 steps. Music Touch has a song generator according to the genre and tone you have chosen. You can later edit to your liking by changing any element of the song in a simple and intuitive way.

If you prefer to make your song manually, you will have the support of our melodies, rhythms, and chords automatic generators, so it will be much easier and faster to put together a complete song.

In addition to the above, you can record your song and export it into mp3 or wav formats in order to share it on your favorite social networks.

Join the hundreds of users who have downloaded our application. The song you dream of is in our application waiting for you to discover it, Cheer up! and let the Music Touch You


 Instant Song:

  •Just by selecting a musical genre (Rhythm), you can create a complete song and then edit it.
  •Generate as many songs as you want until you find one that you like.
  •Add voice or musical instruments recordings

 Manual song:

  •Use an intuitive interface and built-in automatic generators to create all the components of your song such as melodies, rhythms, chords, and recordings.
  •By choosing a certain scale, some notes will be restricted and this will make it easier for you to make your song.
  •Save your songs

 PRO user:

  •No advertisements
  •Unrestricted access to all rhythms
  •Unrestricted access to all instruments
  •You do not need to give credit to the application for the songs you publish
  •Downloads in wav formats

 Rhythm Editor

  •We offer you a large number of rhythms in our library
Use the random beat generator.
  •You can make your beats manually and save them to the library in order to use them in multiple songs.
  •A large number of percussion instruments (Congas, bongos, cymbals, snare drums, güiro, bell, etc.
  •Velocity (Adjust volume of each note)

 Melody editor

  •Generate random melodies or manually with a wide variety of instruments (Piano, guitar, flute, saxophone, marimba, etc).
  •Scale selection
  •Melodic complexity (Distance between one note and another) a high complexity can have large tone changes between notes.
  •Rhythmic complexity (number of notes) a high complexity has more notes than a low one.
  •Melody length
  •Save melodies independently in order to use them in multiple songs

 Chord Editor

  •Scale selection
  •Specific accompaniments depending on the rhythm
  •List of harmonic circles
  •A large number of instruments (Piano, guitar, flute, saxophone, marimba, etc.
  •Save chords independently in order to use them in multiple songs


  •Add voice, sound, or instrument recordings.
  •Record over the current composition or as a separate sound.
  •Automatic latency adjustment.

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this app is amazing!. congratulations, I really enjoy creating music in this app. It is so easy to use and the automatic features are really good. Do you use AI?.
Jaime Beltran
Really intuitive approach in making music. Loved it. Couple more instruments to play with and an on screen keyboard would be nice too. Good job done dev. Continue the fantastic effort.🙂👍👍
Doi Sanyal