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About Massive Dev Chart Timer

The #1 app for B&W film developing. The Massive Dev Chart Timer combines an advanced multi-step darkroom timer with an offline copy of the world's largest database of B&W film development times; maintained online since 1995 and currently including over 18,000 unique tried and tested entries unavailable elsewhere. If you are looking for a film developer timer, then there is no rival thanks to its advanced darkroom pro feature set, full customizability and superior performance.

Take your black and white photography to another level and get consistent results with any film or developer. Audio agitation reminders will help you never make a processing mistake again! Modify time and temperature, automatically calculate volumes, share and store your own data for ease-of-use. The Massive Dev Chart Timer is used by thousands of photo enthusiasts, students and professionals worldwide.

This app is managed directly by Digitaltruth Photo Ltd and we offer full lifetime support and guaranteed updates.

Darkroom Timer / Film Developing Timer

★★★ Features ★★★

• Offline copy of The Massive Dev Chart in your pocket
• Multi Step Timer with sound notifications
• Customizable agitation scheme
• Darkroom themes
• Dilution Mixer
• Support for two-step development and two-step fixing
• Support for optional hypoclear and photo flo steps
• Automated development time/temperature compensation

Why do you erase Shanghai GP3 from the application database? There's no point I bought this app but had to surf to the web for more complete data that once available in the app.
Great app for film photography lovers
Ángel Linares García
Excellent very useful app. Obviously development times will vary according to preference but these are usually good to start with. The temperature conversion option is very handy and accurate.
Rob Archer