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About Dexcom Follow

The Dexcom Follow app is part of the Dexcom SHARE® system.

Use this app if your loved one is sharing data from their Dexcom CGM app. The Sharer will need to send an invitation to allow you to connect after you have installed the Follow app.

Dexcom Follow is the perfect companion to your loved one’s Dexcom CGM, connecting you to those nearest and dearest to you, even when they’re far away. Through secure wireless connections, Dexcom Follow allows you to view and follow the glucose levels, trends and data of your loved ones.

Whether you have a child who is in college, an elderly parent who lives in another state, or a spouse who is going on a business trip, Dexcom Follow is there to keep you connected and informed.

With Dexcom Follow, you can:
• Monitor your loved one’s glucose activity at school or across the country.
• Receive glucose information from up to 10 different Sharers – children, friends, or other loved ones.
• Respond quickly with the help of customizable glucose alerts and push notifications that can inform you when a Sharer’s glucose levels are outside the norm.

Customer Reviews

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Dexcom is required to follow up with customers regarding product-related complaints. If
Dexcom determines that your comment/complaint requires follow up, a technical support representative will attempt to contact you to gather more information regarding your comment/complaint.

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Marcel Royal
It helps me moniter my bg
Jordan Funny girl
Great app. My daughter has diabetes and this app allows me to check her levels any time and also will send me alerts when she is low or high
Ben Hockett