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About DENT: eSIM data plans & data top-up for all phones

This is DENT – the first app that allows you to send mobile data to anybody in the world. Recharge your own phone or top-up the phones of your friends.

With the DENT eSIM you can download your digital SIM card on your phone and add worldwide data plans for 50 countries around the globe.

What’s more, you can call your family and friends via DENT Voice from anywhere in the world without extra costs.

Take a look at all the features of DENT:

★ Mobile data top-ups for every phone ★

You have no mobile data left, and the next recharge is too far away? Use DENT to top-up your phone easily! We support over 235 carriers in more than 120 countries right now. Find your carrier by entering any number in the app.

★ Worldwide Data Plans for eSIM-capable devices ★

With your DENT eSIM, you can add our worldwide data plans and stay connected to the internet wherever you go. Travel without changing SIM cards anymore. With the following eSIM-capable devices you can use DENT Data Plans:

- Samsung Galaxy Fold (LTE)
- Samsung Z Flip
- Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 ultra
- Google Pixel 4
- Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL
- Motorola razr

How to install your eSIM with DENT:

- Create a free account using your phone number and email and receive a joiner bonus.

- Buy a worldwide plan in your preferred size

- Start the installation process of your DENT eSIM profile. Just follow the instructions.

Once your DENT eSIM is activated you can use it as long as you want and top up your current worldwide plan anytime.

If you have troubles installing the DENT eSIM please visit our Help Desk:

★ Call your family & friends globally ★

Talk to your family and friends from everywhere in the world – without buying local SIM cards or spending loads on roaming fees.

- Call real mobile or landline numbers – not apps
- Keep your phone number visible for the person you call
- Stay connected when you are abroad without high costs

★ Earn free DENTs ★

Get more DENTs for free to buy top-ups and voice minutes:

- Daily Reward: Unlock special rewards by checking in every day
- Offer Wall: Play games, download apps and watch videos to earn free DENTs
- Survey wall: Answer polls and surveys and get rewarded

★ Lock DENTs and get exclusive benefits ★

As a member of our loyalty program Afterburner, you take your DENT app to the next level. Just lock a certain number of DENTs in your vault to get exclusive benefits like free DENT Voice minutes, higher Daily Reward values and higher referral bonuses.

★ Trade mobile data packages ★

DENT Marketplace enables trading of global packages of mobile data for everyone:

- Store packages: Buy as many top-ups as you want and send or activate them at any time
- Sell packages: You don't need those top-ups anymore? Sell them on the Marketplace!
- Browse packages: See top-ups from all over the world – browse, compare & buy

★ Buy extra DENTs with PayPal, credit card or cryptos ★

Buy DENTs safely directly in the app and exchange them for data or airtime packages. We support various payment methods, like PayPal, credit card and crypto payment (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin).

If you already own DENTs in your wallet, you can transfer them into the app – safely and fast.


For further questions, please feel free to reach out anytime: [email protected] or visit our Help Desk:

More information about DENT app, DENT Exchange, the team and current news on:

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Melon Me
Nice application my support for your team
Abhishek Pachoriya
App worth all the 5 stars. Afterburner is a great function. I can call every country that i wish. Negative feedback that we can see are all from indians that are looking for free dent etc. App is working per...
Andrea Andrea
Nice app its give me load to convert it to diamonds in Mobile Legends hahaha thanks
Melvin Triste
Thol kappiyan
who are you
Kierth Elemino