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About Solis WiFi

Skyroam makes it easy for travelers to connect around the world, with the portable global WiFi hotspot & power bank. Enjoy secure, shareable and unlimited connectivity on-the-go without SIM swapping or roaming charges.

The Solis app helps you manage your hotspot account, buy service, check data usage, and status. Get access to enhanced features such smart troubleshooting, more product information and the ability to get online faster.

Why travelers love Skyroam:

Coverage in over 130+ countries worldwide
Travel the globe and always be connected.

Share among multiple devices
Connect multiple devices at once to Skyroam WiFi simultaneously. Share with your friends, family, or colleagues at no extra cost!

Pay only for what you use
Only pay $9 per 24-hour pass as needed or opt into our Unlimited Monthly Subscription at $99/mo. Never pay an overage or roaming fee again.

Fast data
Get on-demand access to the best available speeds up to 4G LTE mobile WiFi worldwide.

Easy and secure
One-touch access to unlimited WiFi, SIM-free and hassle-free.

16+ hour battery life
Charge your gadgets on-the-go with embedded 6000 mAh power bank and latest USB-C connection

A Skyroam Solis hotspot is needed in order to get unlimited global WiFi through this app. If you do not have a Skyroam Solis hotspot yet, visit to purchase!

Happy Traveling!
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Solis WiFi?

Solis WiFi is a portable global WiFi hotspot and power bank that allows travelers to connect to the internet around the world without SIM swapping or roaming charges.

What can the Solis app do?

The Solis app allows you to manage your hotspot account, purchase service, check data usage, and status. It also provides enhanced features such as smart troubleshooting and more product information, as well as the ability to connect to the internet faster.

Why do travelers love Skyroam?

Travelers love Skyroam because it provides coverage in over 130+ countries worldwide, allows for multiple device connections at once, offers flexible payment options, provides fast data speeds, and ensures easy and secure access to unlimited WiFi.

How much does the Skyroam service cost?

The Skyroam service offers a $9 per 24-hour pass option for on-demand usage. There is also an Unlimited Monthly Subscription available for $99 per month. Both options eliminate the need for overage or roaming fees.

How long does the Solis hotspot battery last?

The Solis hotspot has a battery life of 16+ hours, allowing travelers to stay connected and charge their gadgets on-the-go with the embedded 6000 mAh power bank and USB-C connection.

Do I need a Solis hotspot to use the Skyroam app?

Yes, a Skyroam Solis hotspot is required in order to access unlimited global WiFi through the Skyroam app. If you do not have a Solis hotspot, you can purchase one at

Where can I find more information about Skyroam?

For more information about Skyroam, you can visit our website at You can also stay updated by liking us on Facebook at and following us on Twitter at
Great service....the VPN is awesome. My only problem with the service is the vibration every few minutes. Thank you Skyroam
Mark Stolarski
Very good and very helpful
Jean-wesly Pierre
After a few bumps in setup.. works great. Just wish I could get the black friday deal I tried to sign up under.
Jordan Misner
Easy user interface.
Sonny Hamlet
I don't know why all the bad reviews. Actually it's a good device with a good service and an excellent support service. The prices are acceptable and the signal is doing good.
Frincu Norocel
Happy With Signal
Dunkin 78