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About Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition

The latest instalment in our award-winning series of premium pocket references; Introducing Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition. The app includes detailed plant care sheets, articles and plant data for hundreds of indoor house plant species, in a fully searchable and browsable format. Suitable for gardeners and plant keepers of all ages and experience levels.

Learn how to care for hundreds of different houseplants with profiles dedicated to their specific and individual needs. Learn how to correctly perform care tasks such as watering, feeding, potting, pruning and propagating, and how to tackle problems, such as pests and diseases.

Our extensive database has been hand-curated and built from hundreds of hours of methodical research and consultation.


✪  Huge A-Z of indoor houseplants, each with their own image and data.
✪  Hundreds of highly detailed profiles, covering a searchable index of over 8000 common and scientific names!
✪  Search or browse by common names, scientific names, family groups, or by combinations of properties, such as sizes, colours, water/food/soil requirements, ease of care, etc.
✪  Includes tailored houseplant watering, feeding, potting and propagation advice.
✪  Includes NASA's recommended plants for air purification.
✪  Comprehensive glossary of horticultural terms and definitions.
✪  Mini-articles covering how-to's, pests, diseases and more.
✪  Directly compare plant profiles side-by-side.
✪  Calculation tools for various potting, soil and volume requirements.
✪  Per profile note-taking facility.
✪  Cloud backup & restore for notes, favourites & settings.
✪  Includes a dark mode theme.
✪  Widget integration mode (requires Indoor Plant Widget v1.01 or higher).
✪  Free database updates.

Please kindly note: This app is not a plant photo identification service or a reminders app; Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition has been carefully crafted as an encyclopedia of plant caresheets, which are designed to help gardeners understand the specific needs and aftercare requirements of their individual plant species.

◼️  Language is English only.

Missing a plant profile that you need? Request it using the in-app requests feature and we'll do our best to get it added for you!

Our refunds policy can be found at
Our licensing policy can be found at

We support our apps. If you run in to a problem, please drop us an email rather than a Play Store comment, and we can work with you directly to resolve the issue. Alternatively, visit our website at where we have support articles and FAQ's.

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