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About Crypto Planet

Welcome to the world of Crypto Planet!

Visit a new type of planet, one that allows you to earn real cryptocurrencies while playing a beautiful and futuristic game.

The main objective is to extract the valuable resources of the planet: Crystals. There is a special machine designed specifically to dig up the Crystals automatically and deliver them to you. All you have to do is activate the Digger and after 8 hours, it will have the resources ready to be claimed.

Open the Shop and buy Space Chests, which hold real crypto coins and tokens, featuring the PHT token, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more. The game includes a built-in wallet where all cryptocurrencies are stored. Withdraw them to any external supported wallet once the withdrawal limit is reached.

Feeling lucky?

There is a chance to receive a special collectible in the Space Chests. Complete the entire Space Collectibles set to redeem it for great rewards!

Want to earn more Crystals?

Incubate some to grow them and claim more after a few hours.

Complete 6 progressive quests to gain extra Crystals:

- Incubate Crystals: Can be completed 10 times with an increased level of difficulty and greater rewards.

- Space Chests: Can be completed 10 times with an increased level of difficulty and greater rewards.

- Harvest Crystals: Can be completed 20 times with an increased level of difficulty and greater rewards.

- More

The progress resets monthly so the quests can be completed multiple times.

Game Features:

- Earn Crystals every 8 hours
- Incubate Crystals to earn more
- Complete Quests
- Gain XP and level up for greater rewards
- Open Space Chests and receive Crypto
- Keep track of the Crypto market with a built-in wallet
- Withdraw any coins and tokens to supported wallets

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Good game
Mohammad Afzal
Saiful Islam
fun games...bunch of chances to earn different crypto
Mike Bremmon