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About HamsterRestaurant CookingGames

The hamster restaurant is a free game where you can cook with cute hamsters and create your own restaurant.

★ How to play
Let's create a cuisine with a cute hamster. Every time you cook, the affection degree will be up.
As other users' hamsters come to visit, let's act cooking.
You can order food from the menu you made.
By advancing the puzzle, it became possible to put a lot of hamsters.
You can get a rare hamster!
Individual hamsters also appeared.
Decorate the plaza to your liking and let's make a restaurant!

★ Recommended for people like this ♪
Someone who likes hamsters and cute animals
Town development games (City) People who like games
Someone who likes dressing games or room simulation games
Someone who likes to cook and eat

★ About handover
If you can issue "handover code" and "serial code" from the setting screen of the old terminal and enter "handover code" and "serial code" within handover from the setting screen of the new terminal, the takeover will be completed.
※ In case of Android ⇔ iOS, we will need our correspondence, so please contact us for each serial code of old and new terminal.

★ If the application stops running, it is sorry to trouble you, but please restart your terminal once, please close this application from Task Manager once.

★ Please contact us with your terminal and Gmail address when you contact us.

Cute easy cute mach three!!! Love it!!!
Madalyn Marko
Love it! I've been playing this game on and off for years and still the best game on my phone. So cute!!
Rebecca Shearer
i love hamster
gideon tuliao