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About KinTimer: Days Since Counter

KinTimer: Days Since Counter

A counter app to show you the number of days since you quit a habit

Ever felt like you can't complete a goal? Or that you can't break a bad habit?

Sometimes you just need to have patience to achieve your goals, and the aim of this app is to help you with that.

Just create a counter inside the app and start counting! The counter will keep counting upwards, showing you the days since you quit your habit(until you stop it). The app isn't limited to one counter either, you can create up to 3 different types of counters in the app for free.

It can be used for things like quitting soda, fast food, smoking or almost anything else.

There's also a ranking system for how long you've abstained from your bad habit to give you a new-found sense of achievement.

If you use up all of your three counter slots you can send some counters you aren't using anymore to your 'archive' and restore them when you need them again.

If you're looking for a days since counter, this is it. Don't delay things any further, try it today!