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About Love Pass: Interactive stories

It's time to relax and immerse yourself into the world of romantic stories, where everything depends on you and your choices.

Love Pass is a collection of interactive story games. All chapters are packed with the hollywood-level plot that adapts exclusively to your decisions. Romance, detective, love, criminal and other interactive game episodes are waiting for you! Do you want to know where each episode and choice will lead you?

- No limits!
All the decisions are yours. Live up through our story games’ chapters and make your choices. You can live the stories experiencing them through different characters, and also build romantic relationships with guys and girls.

- Vivid characters!
Every story’s episode is packed with well-narrated and astonishingly portrayed personages. Watch their facial expressions and reactions to your choices and actions. Feel their gaze on you...

- Plots!
Each story takes you into an interactive adventure no matter what it is: a detective, love or comedy story. You can go back to school days, solve a mystery and save a city.
Or you can build a career and relationships, but be careful who you trust..
Also it is a test - will you resist the temptation or will you fall in love with a wrong person to change your story dramatically? You have to choose - these are your stories!

Wait for the new chapters and episodes. We are preparing something special for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Love Pass?

Love Pass is a collection of interactive story games where you can immerse yourself in romantic stories and make choices that determine the plot.

What types of stories are available in Love Pass?

Love Pass offers a variety of stories including romance, detective, love, criminal, and more. You can choose different characters and build romantic relationships with both guys and girls.

Can I make my own decisions in Love Pass?

Yes, all the decisions in Love Pass are yours to make. You can live the stories and experience them through your choices.

Are the characters in Love Pass well-developed?

Yes, every character in Love Pass is well-narrated and portrayed. You can observe their facial expressions and reactions to your choices and actions.

What can I expect from the plots in Love Pass?

Each story in Love Pass takes you on an interactive adventure, whether it's a detective, love, or comedy story. You can solve mysteries, save cities, build careers, and form relationships. However, be cautious about who you trust as the choices you make can dramatically change your story.

Are there new chapters and episodes coming to Love Pass?

Yes, Love Pass is constantly updating with new chapters and episodes. Something special is being prepared for you in the upcoming releases.