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About Hidden Objects - Dark Romance: Winter Lily

Another amusing story in the series of search and find games! Nivella is invading the Kingdoms for her evil purposes in object finding games. Seek for hidden objects in mystery hidden object games! With the danger of being drained of their youth, time is running out! Start a breathtaking find objects games free while playing as both the King of Lanceya and the Princess of Winterhelm! Play match-3 in hidden objects games free and defeat the evil queen, or will you fall victim to her stone-cold magic? Find out!

This game contains a lot of extra materials like wallpapers, concept arts, a Bonus Chapter and more. So, what awaits you in Dark Romance: Winter Lily?

When Nivella was young, she fell victim to a curse from an evil King! Now she’s getting every day a year older, and nothing but the purest soul of Princess Lily of Winterhelm can help her. Can you save Lily from the deadly danger in this new top hidden objects games?

Play as King William and Princess Lily in this amazing hidden objects game! Change between the characters to go through all the difficulties, solve challenging puzzles and riddles, seek and find lots of beautifully drawn locations in hidden objects games for free!

Gather hidden artifacts and chess pieces of the characters while playing Dark Romance: Winter Lily! Moreover, gather lilies to purchase adornments for your royal chambers and enjoy hidden objects games free. Seek for hidden objects in this amazing game!

Enjoy the classy artwork and an intriguing story and gather beautiful collectibles! Stuck while playing? Always know your next move while playing mini-games and challenging puzzles with the helpful Strategy Guide! Use the accessible Strategy Guide to solve all the mysteries and find the hidden items on all the scenes in mystery hidden objects games!

This game has a free trial part. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase.

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Seek for finding hidden objects in free mystery games. We are waiting for you in objects finding games!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the storyline of Dark Romance: Winter Lily?

The game revolves around Nivella, an evil queen who invades the Kingdoms and drains the youth of its inhabitants. Players must seek and find hidden objects to save the Kingdoms and defeat the evil queen.

Can I play as different characters in the game?

Yes, you can play as both King William and Princess Lily, switching between them to overcome challenges and solve puzzles in the game.

Are there any bonus materials in Dark Romance: Winter Lily?

Yes, the game includes extra materials such as wallpapers, concept arts, a Bonus Chapter, and more for an enhanced gaming experience.

What can I do with hidden artifacts and chess pieces in the game?

You can collect hidden artifacts and chess pieces of the characters to unlock adornments for your royal chambers and further enjoy the hidden objects games.

Are there additional features in the game apart from hidden objects gameplay?

Yes, the game offers exclusive wallpapers, music, achievements, and more. It also provides a Strategy Guide to help you solve mysteries and find hidden items.

How can I access the full version of the game?

The full version of the game can be unlocked through an in-app purchase after trying the free trial part.

Where can I get support or contact the game developers?

If you have any questions or need support, you can email us at [email protected].

Where can I find more hidden object games from the developer?

You can visit our website at to search and find more hidden object games.

How can I stay updated with your latest games and updates?

You can become our fan on Facebook at and follow us on Instagram at for the latest news and updates.

Is there a specific theme or setting in Dark Romance: Winter Lily?

Yes, the game has a winter-themed setting with a mix of romance and mystery, offering a unique experience in finding hidden objects.
Game is baie interresant. Dankie vir nog n goeie gratis game om te kan speel
welma els
Lots of fun for all ages
Angie Click
Ashley Colaco
I LOVE Big Fish games! I was trying to find a close second and came upon your app. When I started playing, I realized it was exactly like Big Fish games but free. I used to play them all the time on my lapto...
L.D. Walters
I love this type of game! Works very well.runs perfectly.its fun !
Randy Van Houte
Great game
Antonette Coots