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About Idle World !

The most addictive Idle Clicker game ever!

In this brand new idle game you can decide about the creation of the earth.

The more you upgrade the planet, the more energy you will get.

Spend energy to colonize the planet.

Plant plants to allow animals to grow!

Can you unlock the atmosphere?

Easy and simple gameplay:
- Great upgrade system that will keep you playing for hours!
- Prevent a natural catastrophe by unlocking the atmosphere.
- Start off with upgrading the ground and unlock animals and humans!

- Beautiful animations!
- Create the world as you want it!
- Many categories to upgrade!
- Endless hours of gameplay!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Idle World?

Idle World is an addictive idle clicker game where players can decide and create their own version of the earth.

How do I earn energy in Idle World?

By upgrading the planet in Idle World, players can earn more energy.

How can I colonize the planet in Idle World?

Players can use their accumulated energy to colonize the planet in Idle World.

What is the purpose of planting plants in Idle World?

Planting plants in Idle World allows animals to grow on the planet.

Can I unlock the atmosphere in Idle World?

Yes, players have the opportunity to unlock the atmosphere in Idle World.

What is the gameplay like in Idle World?

The gameplay in Idle World is easy and simple, with a great upgrade system that will keep players engaged for hours. Players can prevent natural catastrophes and unlock animals and humans by upgrading the ground.

What features does Idle World offer?

Idle World offers beautiful animations, the ability to create the world as you want it, numerous categories to upgrade, and endless hours of gameplay.
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Clark’s adventures
It is a very nice game first i play this game i like most
Ravi ranjan Kumar
ilike it this gamw
Edy Goh
It was very easy and super.It is mixed with science.
nsk kishore
Great game can't stop playing
Super duper wonderful game
George George