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About Cashback App

Money back with every purchase, whether you're shopping in store or online!

A simple way to collect Cashback and Shopping Points while you're out and about: the Cashback app offers you a whole lot more than just Cashback every time you shop. The Cashback World also gives you the chance to save money while shopping. With our Loyalty Merchant's exclusive offers and Shopping Point Deals, you receive a whole host of ways to secure discounts on top of Cashback and Shopping Points. The Cashback App allows you to use your smartphone to enjoy shopping benefits at thousands of Loyalty Merchants.

The features at a glance:
✔ Cashback Card ready for use, any time, any place
✔ All the latest offers on your smartphone
✔ Overview of your Shopping Point Deals
✔ Quick and easy way to sign up to and redeem Shopping Point Deals
✔ Direct access to your profile with a full overview of all your benefits
✔ Store search and route planner

Other features, such as news, your Deals and lots, lots more, add the perfect finishing touch to the app, making it the ideal companion. You too can benefit from the advantages of the Cashback App.

The Cashback App ensures that you as a Member of Cashback World and the following Cashback Programs are always up-to-date:
+ AS Roma Cashback Programm
+ MotoGP™ Cashback Programm
+ SK Rapid Cashback Programm
+ Sporthilfe Cashback Programm
+ Landesfeuerwehrverband Cashback Programm
+ Program Cashback Legii Warszawa
+ Program Cashback Lecha Poznań
+ Program Cashback Lechii Gdańsk
+ Program Cashback Wisły Kraków
+ Slavia Cashback Program
+ HC SLOVAN Cashback Program
+ HC Kometa LEgends Cashback Program
+ VELUX EHF FINAL4 Cashback Program
+ Jokerit Helsinki Cashback Program
+ Medveščak Cashback Program
+ Vardar Cashback Program
+ NK Osijek Cashback Program

And of course, the Cashback App is free, just like your Membership in the Cashback World!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Cashback App?

The Cashback App is a mobile application that allows users to earn cashback and shopping points while shopping in stores or online.

What benefits does the Cashback App offer?

The Cashback App offers users the opportunity to earn discounts through exclusive offers and shopping point deals from loyalty merchants. It also provides access to a cashback card, the latest offers, and a store search and route planner.

How can I sign up for Shopping Point Deals?

The Cashback App provides a quick and easy way to sign up for and redeem Shopping Point Deals.

Can I access my profile and view my benefits through the Cashback App?

Yes, the Cashback App allows you to access your profile and view a full overview of all your benefits.

Are there any additional features in the Cashback App?

Yes, the Cashback App also includes features such as news, deals, and more to enhance the user experience.

Is the Cashback App free to use?

Yes, the Cashback App is free to download and use.
I installed this App today when i entered the iphone 11 give away and this app really looks good .❤
Ivylee Nzara
Muito boa
Gleny Cruz
I like it This is excellent application for shopping online.
Mehmed Huskic
This is emajing
নক্সি কাঁথার মাঠ
Best, most versatile and convenient loyalty rewards system internationally. Share it, help your family, friends to save on daily expensses shopping, etc
Genia Lokotsch
idriz ameti