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About Super Poker Squares Free

Super Poker Squares is a unique, dynamic type of solitaire inspired by the game called Poker Squares. The goal is to align 5 cards in a row or column to make poker hands. Score as many points as you can with 1 deck of cards.

Swipe up, down, left or right in the playing area to move the cards. Each time, all of the cards slide as far as possible in the direction of your swipe.

Tap the deck to deal a new card. Deal as many cards as you like, but be careful! Any time a row or column is filled, the hand is scored and those cards are removed from play.

Jokers are wild cards. Tap one to play it at any time. You must use at least one Joker to make the highest-scoring hand, 5 of a Kind.

To block card movement, drag a stack of chips to an empty space, or tap a space to move the nearest stack of chips there. Clever use of the chips gives you some control over how the cards move.

Ms Mary