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About BPme: Pay for Gas, Get Fuel Rewards

Download the BPme gas app with a fuel rewards program for better savings and an improved app experience. Just open the gas app, check-in at participating BP or Amoco gas stations, select your fuel pump and you can save instantly on every gallon. All featuring contactless payment from the comfort of your car. No more fumbling with pin pads in bad weather. Let card swiping be a thing of the past.

When you download the BPme app, you'll love the following:

• Save time and money at both BP and Amoco gas stations as you navigate your trip.
• A better way to save. You can receive 5¢ off every gallon on every visit.
• Ongoing rewards and special bonus offers for additional fuel savings.
• Instant rewards. You can instantly save right from your phone. No searching for rewards cards or swiping required.
• Conveniently review your fuel rewards details from the app.
• Securely store credit and debit cards for future visits.
• Go paperless. All your receipts are saved automatically.
• No credit card? No problem. Use PayPal as a sign up and payment option.
• Skip the pin pad. Now you can pay and save right from your driver's seat.
• Maximize gas savings with your BP credit card by combining credit rewards and BPme Rewards.

BPme App Questions: For more information and frequently asked questions visit

Can I use the BPme app at every BP and Amoco gas station?

BPme is available at participating BP and Amoco locations. When you arrive at a gas station and open BPme, if the app's location on the top of the screen matches the site you are at and is accompanied with a mobile enabled phone icon, then that site is available for BPme use.

What happened to my Driver Rewards balance?

The Driver Rewards program ended on 10/1/2019 when we launched a new rewards program called BPme Rewards. When Driver Rewards ended, all outstanding rewards balances expired. If you would like to join BPme Rewards, you will start by saving 5 cents off per gallon on every fuel purchase made through next month.

What payment cards do you accept?

BPme currently accepts PayPal and all major credit and debit cards including BP credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover. BPme currently does NOT accept fleet cards, gift cards, and pre-paid debit cards.

Who do I contact if I am having issues with the BPme app?

If you are having any issues with either the BPme mobile app or with the BPme Rewards program, please contact our helpdesk at [email protected] or at 1-800-333-3991 for assistance. Additionally, you can provide feedback in the Account section of BPme.

What fuel price will I pay if I use a debit card with BPme?

Gasoline prices are displayed on the entrance to the site and at all of our fuel pumps. When using BPme to purchase fuel (e.g. diesel fuel), you will always be charged the stated credit card price. To receive any exception prices (debit card pricing or discounts for specific credit card brands) that are locally offered by select gas stations, you can use your linked payment card to receive special pricing and qualify for BPme Rewards.

What is the BPme Rewards offer?

When you download BPme and register for BPme Rewards, you will immediately begin to get 5 cents off per gallon on every fuel purchase through the following month. After that, you have the opportunity to keep your 5 cent per gallon reward on all fuel purchases by spending $100 on fuel in a calendar month. Note: BPme Rewards is not valid in California.

How do I delete a payment card from my BPme wallet?

To remove a payment card from your BPme wallet, go to Account. Tap main payment card, and on the card you'd like to remove, tap the green information "I" icon. Tap delete card.

Can I purchase a car wash using BPme?

Yes. When purchasing fuel, you will have the option to purchase a car wash at gas stations that have a car wash.

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I like this app because I don't have to get out of my car to pay for gas.
Erin Sundeen
Christine Luther
Lets you get rewards on your gas.
Lisa Canter