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About Bible Joy: Daily Bible Verses & Bible Caller ID

Bible Joy: Daily Bible Verses & Bible Caller ID is a free religious Bible app that gives you Bible verses and Bible prayers from the holy King James Bible (the most popular Bible).

Read the Holy Bible to grow your faith in God! Inspire your mind with daily Bible verses. Learn how to apply Bible verses to your life. Download the best Bible app to get closer to God.

Amazing Bible Caller ID Functionality

Never go without God! This app gives you the opportunity to get Bible verses on your caller ID screen. Always be reminded that Jesus is with you through the Bible.

This app has every scripture from Genesis to Revelation!

Share this Bible app with members of your church to spread the word of God!

Amazing Bible Features

• Be inspired what the holy Bible can offer you every day. Get a daily Bible blessing, Bible Prayer, and a Bible devotional.
• Save your favorite Bible quotes, Bible devotionals, and Bible prayers. Never go without God again!
• Master your knowledge of the Bible by playing Bible Trivia! Compete with your friends to see who is the bigger Bible expert!
• Get daily reminders to read the Bible
• Share the Holy Bible with Friends and Family

Prayers Covered In This App:

1) Holy Bible Prayers for Hope and God
2) Holy Bible Prayers for Inspiration and God
3) Holy Bible Prayers for Wisdom and God
4) Holy Bible Prayers for Faith and God
5) Holy Bible Prayers for Temptation and God
6) Holy Bible Prayers for Family and God
7) Holy Bible Prayers for Friends with God
8) Holy Bible Prayers for Happiness in God
9) Holy Bible Prayers for Confession with God
10) Holy Bible Prayers for Worship with God
11) Holy Bible Prayers for Peace in God
12) Holy Bible Prayers for Forgiveness in God

Keep in touch with The Bible App Project

Bible Joy: Daily Bible Verses & Bible Caller ID is brought to you by The Bible App Project, makers of popular Bible apps like Daily Bible Journey, Bible Caller ID, and Bible Verses by topic.

Please like, review, and share our Bible app! If you have any suggestion for how we can improve Bible App: Daily Bible Verses & Bible Caller ID app or want us to make other Bible-related apps, please email us at [email protected]

Download and use Bible Joy: Daily Bible Verses & Bible Caller ID now. You are going to love how easy to use it is!

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