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About NKJV Bible Free Download

NKJV Bible Free Download
Application of the Holy Bible New King James Version (NKJV) is contains to 39 Old Testament books and 27 New Testament books. This version was born in the holy Bible that we learned and rewrite by many writers for Christian can learn any story of the holy Bible in the right way and easy to use.

Old Testament
[1] Genesis
[2] Exodus
[3] Leviticus
[4] Numbers
[5] Deuteronomy
[6] Joshua
[7] Judges
[8] Ruth
[9] 1 Samuel
[10] 2 Samuel
[11] 1 Kings
[12] 2 Kings
[13] 1 Chronicles
[14] 2 Chronicles
[15] Ezra
[16] Nehemiah
[17] Esther
[18] Job
[20] Proverbs
[21] Ecclesiastes
[22] Song of Songs
[23] Isaiah
[24] Jeremiah
[25] Lamentations
[26] Ezekiel
[27] Daniel
[28] Hosea
[29] Joel
[30] Amos
[31] Obadiah
[32] Jonah
[33] Micah
[34] Nahum
[35] Habakkuk
[36] Zephaniah
[37] Haggai
[38] Zechariah
[39] Malachi

New Testament
[40] Matthew
[41] Mark
[42] Luke
[43] John
[44] Acts
[45] Romans
[46] 1 Corinthians
[47] 2 Corinthians
[48] Galatians
[49] Ephesians
[50] Philippians
[51] Colossians
[52] 1 Thessalonians
[53] 2 Thessalonians
[54] 1 Timothy
[55] 2 Timothy
[56] Titus
[57] Philemon
[58] Hebrews
[59] James
[60] 1 Peter
[61] 2 Peter
[62] 1 John
[63] 2 John
[64] 3 John
[65] Jude
[66] Revelation

The Bible NKJV are suited for users of all ages. Any user can be used this app in offline version and audio Bible without the internet. The apps are convenient to use and access of the story of Jesus Christ. User can be used as a motto to remind himself in daily life.

How to use NKJV Bible Free Download
Access application in offline version and will be held in the form to read.
This application will form a continuous melodic reading immediately, when user connected to the Internet.
User can choose the category of reading. Both of the Old Testament and New Testament.
If user want to stop reading, press the voice button. The Bible will stop reading automatically.
No charges within the app.

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Accurate bible translation but more modern than NKJ
Evangelist Leela Davis
Good and interesting to read App all Christan should have
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