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About My Home My World: Design Games

BUILD from the ground up and enjoy the fun of bringing beautiful 3D homes to life.
PLAY with friends and meet new people over the world or compete for free prizes.
SPIN the wheel to win endless coin rewards and embrace new surprises every time you play.
EXCITING events updated regularly for more variety, diversity and creativity!

Do you wish to own many houses? Do you like watching house flipping or fixer upper shows? Do you want to be part of a house makeover project? Have you ever imagined you could flip, remodel, decorate, transform or design entire homes? Here you will experience a real life simulation of the house construction process, which recreates every step of building a house from the exterior to the interior decor. Grow your knowledge about home building and have fun at the same time! Become a crafting master! Build the homes of your dreams in this creative simulator game.

Be part of this passionate social community where girls and boys can equally enjoy! Match up with other real players during special events and compete for the leaderboard ranking. Come out victorious among friends in the special boss campaigns. Invite your Facebook friends to play together and receive bonuses! There so many game features that everyone will find its favorite one, either you prefer attacking others, raiding for treasures, or firing at monsters. Just relax and enjoy the pleasant experience.

Visualize realistic 3D graphics, stunning resolution, wallpaper grade high-quality image throughout the entire game. Each house has its own unique charm and style, simulating the scenery of various parts of the world, and giving you a little taste of different cultures wherever you are. We guarantee for a new immersive experience never felt in other sims game. Feel the warmth and comfort of home through our game from anywhere you are, as it offers many waze for you to have fun during small time slots!

Either you prefer simulating a quiet corner, such as a lake house, a cottage, or a farm house; a spacious place, such as a mansion, a castle, or a villa; a warm spot, such as a bungalo, a garden, or a ranch; you will certainly fall in love with one of them. Either you like remodeling a shipping container or a windmill into homes; either you want Greek, Italian, Japanese or futuristic styles; we have all the choices. Plus, you can admire the houzz scenery in 360 degrees.

Defeat the dragon for huge rewards; play as if you were a zlo landlord and rent out your property to earn energy; collect studio theme cards for special attributes; and more amazing matters, yours to discover. Just like in idle games, you can keep both of your hands free. This has simple controls: single hand, single finger, single button. Because time is more valuable than money, so you will intuitively feel the value of the time you invest in this unique simulation game!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, find more about us and follow us at:

FREE TO PLAY mobile game with in-app purchases.
NOTE: This game requires an online connection to play.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is My Home My World: Design Games?

My Home My World: Design Games is a mobile game where players can build and design 3D homes, play with friends, and participate in exciting events.

Can I own multiple houses in the game?

Yes, you can own many houses in the game and experience a real-life simulation of the house construction process.

Is My Home My World: Design Games a social game?

Yes, My Home My World: Design Games has a passionate social community where players can match up with other real players, compete in special events, and invite friends from Facebook to play together.

What kind of graphics does the game have?

The game features realistic 3D graphics with stunning resolution and high-quality images throughout. Each house has its own unique charm and style, simulating different parts of the world.

Can I choose different styles for my homes?

Yes, the game offers a variety of styles to choose from, including quiet corners like a lake house or a cottage, spacious places like a mansion or a castle, and warm spots like a bungalow or a ranch. You can also explore different cultural styles like Greek, Italian, Japanese, or futuristic designs.

What exciting game activities are available?

The game offers exciting activities such as defeating dragons for rewards, renting out your property to earn energy, collecting studio theme cards for special attributes, and more. There are many amazing features to discover as you play.

Is the game free to play?

Yes, My Home My World: Design Games is free to play, but it also offers in-app purchases for additional content or to enhance gameplay.

Does the game require an internet connection?

Yes, the game requires an online connection to play.
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Fun game.
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Fun game
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Loving it atm
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