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About Astraware Kriss Kross

Also known as Word Fit or Fill Ins, Kriss Kross is a popular word puzzle that puts your deductive skills to the test!

In each puzzle you are given a grid and a list of words, and it's up to you to find the right place to fill in the words! It starts simply enough until you find a word that could fit in multiple places and you realize you need to think ahead.

Astraware Kriss Kross gives you access to play any of our four Daily puzzles - top the global leaderboard by completing the puzzle in the fastest time! For more of a challenge there is a Weekender puzzle available each Friday with an even bigger grid. The game also includes 60 built-in puzzles in various sizes and difficulties.

Great features include:
- Unlimited access to our Daily and Weekender puzzles
- A collection of 60 free built-in puzzles in various sizes and difficulties, with many more to purchase
- New endless free puzzle streams - watch ads (or take short surveys) then play the puzzles you like!
- Intuitive interface
- Save slots available so you can have several puzzles on the go at once, or you can stop for a break and come back to puzzle later
- Optional Puzzles Plus subscription available!

Get Astraware Kriss Kross and improve your logical reasoning - and your vocabulary too! If you love this game, we have Astraware CodeWords, Crosswords and Number Cross also available in this range, with more to come!

Please note that this game now requires a device with a screen resolution of at least 480x800 pixels.

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I love this game
Sharla McGuire
Fun beat the clock gameplay, almost like putting new jigsaw puzzles together. If you like quick and easy games on the go without the time commitment this game perfect. Not to mention you can actually learn s...
Ashley Love
I love this app. Enjoy playing it as it passes the time. Brilliant for the mind and makes you think.
EMMA Dillon