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About Notepad Notes

Artyper is perfect for everything from quick notes to in-depth essays.. Every element in notebook is designed to stimulate your creativity. Create the ideal setting for you by selecting from among the different environments, music and typefaces.

Notepad created for concentration, focus and meditation while writing.

Featuring atmospheric background images and special meditative music, Artyper helps you immerse yourself in a creative mood and increase your productivity.

We have developed 14 beautiful themes that you can choose to your taste.

Artyper works without the Internet, there is no advertising and additional payments. Notepad has extensive functionality for working with your notes.

With this text editor you can:

1. Create folders
2. Move files and folders
3. Search for necessary notes by keywords
4. Search for words inside notes in a notebook
5. Export notes from notepad in .txt format
6. Switch to night mode
7. Notebook saves version changes in notes
8. The application has a word counter and the ability to calculate the reading time.
9. Notepad supports convenient share function. You can share the note through mail, messenger, etc.
10. You can change the font and its size.
11. Optionally disable the creative mode.

Take notes, write down your thoughts, keep your personal diary, write drafts for your future blog.

Write beautifully with Artyper.

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Notepad Notes

Notepad Notes


Artyper is perfect for everything from quick notes to in-depth essays..

The best app for writing note. And it's not one of the best, it's the best. Great concept of simplicity and productivity. I would love to recommend this app to everyone who wants to focus on writing without ...
Len Del Grey
Lovely design.
Было бы неплохо добавлять свои картинки для фона и музыку. Добавить автосохранение. Экспорт всей папки в txt, всех записей.
Сергей Кравченко