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About Anonym Network

Anonym Network is a simple and secure way to share or find out what thousands of people around the world think about, as well as to find true like-minded people in their true interests. It is very easy to meet loyal friends or an interlocutor for an hour, as well as share your thoughts, emotions and stories that occur around you. Anonym is not just a network - it is a philosophy about relationships and the search for a native soul, to become free and plunge into the atmosphere of free communication and the flight of thought.

- Share all significant events without fear that they will condemn you. It's safe here. Network privacy helps to speak freely on completely different topics. Share the moments and impressions that are happening around you in real time with others.

- Come up with your nickname or create a new image. Remember that in this network you can become anyone or be yourself real.

- Find like-minded people on their true interests, create joint projects and invite participants. Spend time interesting and fun. And also join the communities that you liked.

- Exchange anonymous messages, because privacy creates atmospheric mood and mysterious intrigue, who is there, on that side of the screen)

- Enjoy simple and free communication. Meet and get to know each other not by photo, but by inner qualities and hobbies.

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Прекрасное приложения для знакомства, есть онлайн чат и есть даже анонимный чат, для меня это стала лучшая соцсеть для общения! Спасибо большое разработчикам. Очень полезный сервис.
Александр Вишневский
интересная идея и интересное воплощение
jurijs sitovs
Не знаю какие минусы есть в этом приложении ) Даже люди черезчур адекватны. Даже не придираются к орфографии. В общем приложение очень хорошее + чуть ли не единственное в своем роде. Но порой хочется добавит...
Clust 49
coool idea!!
Егор Григорьев
Md Mehade Hasan
В целом неплохое приложение для общения, но всë-же присутствуют некоторые недочëты в техническом плане (баги, ошибки и пр.), радует, что их становится всë меньше с очередным обновлением. Желаю только успехов...