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About 1000+ Psychology Facts - Brain, Music, Love, etc.

1000+ Psychology Facts: For your daily life hacks.
What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes.

Some conduct detailed biological studies of the brain, others explore how we process information; others analyze the role of evolution, and still others study the influence of culture and society.

The classic contemporary perspectives in psychology to adopt scientific strategies were the behaviorists, who were renowned for their reliance on controlled laboratory experiment and rejection of any unseen or subconscious forces as causes of behavior.
Later, cognitive psychology adopted this rigorous, scientific, lab based scientific approach too, with application to memory, perception, cognitive development, mental illness, and much more.

This app has more than 1000 psychology facts and facts. This app contains more than 25 categories.
This app tells you about the human brain and some parts of the human brain. Our brain structure is complex and thus this makes too many facts that contain in human psychology.


Please help us to make this app No.1 Psychological Facts app on google play store.

Below are all categories that this app contains:

Psychological facts about Alone/Loneliness
Psychological facts about Anger
Psychological facts about Attraction
Psychological facts about Body Language
Psychological facts about Brain
Psychological facts about Crush
Psychological facts about Depression
Psychological facts about Dreams
Psychological facts about Emotion
Psychological facts about Extroverts
Psychological facts about Eye Contact
Psychological facts about Fear
Psychological facts about Feelings
Psychological facts about Female
Psychological facts about Friends
Psychological facts about Happiness
Psychological facts about Health
Psychological facts about Human Behaviour
Psychological facts about Imagination
Psychological facts about Introverts
Psychological facts about Love
Psychological facts about Male
Psychological facts about Meditation
Psychological facts about Music
Psychological facts about Phobia
Psychological facts about Relationships
Psychological facts about Sad
Psychological facts about Stress
Psychological facts about Success.

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