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About Anti Theft Alarm - Don't Touch My Phone

Very often you are in a situation where you may need anti-theft features to protect your android phone from being forgotten or simply picked up by petty thieves, or even innocent children curious of your catchy screensaver. Don’t touch my phone feature comes to the rescue whether your are at the airport, college library or any other public place. Anti-theft function comes with intelligent options to protect your lovely smartphone with the following smart detection -

1. Proximity Detection
2. Motion Detection
3. Charger disconnect detection
4. Handsfree Detection
5. Wifi Detection
6. Battery full detection

Proximity Detection
Smart app protects your phone from theft as the alarm assistant goes off if the phone is moved or pulled from pocket using the proximity detection sensor. Security Alarm Mobile Anti-theft app keeps your phone safe from unauthorized access. Alarm Anti Theft starts to vibrate or a loud theft or police siren is blown if someone picks your phone. The loud alarm siren won’t stop even if any power or volume buttons are pressed. It will stop only if correct password is entered in the anti-burglar security utility interface.

Anti Theft Alarm - Don't Touch My Phone - Charger disconnect detection
Charger detection with Don't touch my phone like features is quite useful in public places where you must charge your phone due to low battery. Pickpocket alert and secure your phone from theft by triggering alarm on movement or disconnection of anti theft charger function. Anti Theft Alarm-Don't touch my phone, will again sound a loud alarm which cannot be stopped until correct password is entered in the secure app interface thereby protecting your phone from theft during smartphone charger connected.

All you need is to activate the app lock alarm sound and then our app will take care of your device’s don’t touch my phone security.

Anti-Theft phone alarm app
Motion sensor has a hyper sensitive alarm which is activated the moment privacy invader tries to access your phone. A fragile phone touch movement triggers anti theft security alarm measure that instantly informs the owner about nosy thieves and strange people.
Security Alarm Mobile Anti-theft app is the most wanted app to keep intruders from robbing your phone without your knowledge

Security Alarm Mobile Anti-theft App for Android

SMART FEATURES OF Anti Theft Alarm - Don't Touch My Phone

 Motion sensor-activated alert and alarm for android smartphones
 Hyper Sensitive Charger disconnection security alarm with vibration
 Secret PIN-code or unlock pattern to stop the burglar alarm
 Multiple custom alarm sounds or don’t touch my phone ringtones
 Simple interface for setting up anti-burglar phone alarm


 No one can stop the app or reduce the alarm volume without password
 In case your phone is restarted the siren’s activated the Security Alarm Mobile Anti-theft app will continue to make loud siren noise after restart.
 Tamper free protection is enabled with your smartphone anti burglar sound.
 Even if your smartphone is in silent mode, loud alarm is triggered
 The alarm starts ringing with full sound If your phone is picked up from its resting position

Anti Theft Mobile Tracker

 Screen flashes along wit phone vibrates like cop lights when the alarm is activated
 When you’re not around, forget worry even if your kids, family or coworkers are using your phone
 You can catch phone thieves red handed when they try to steal your phone with smart alarm settings

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