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About Angel App by Radical

The Angel App has been designed by Radical, the luggage storage network to allow its partners (called Angels) to manage their luggage storage service in the simplest and fastest way possible.

The Angel app allows you to:

• Receive instant notifications each time a customer books or cancels a reservation
• Check all the details of a reservation (name, surname, date, check-in time and check-out time, number of suitcases)
• Scan your customers' QR code to complete the drop-off procedure
• Take pictures of customers' luggage, and much more!

With the Angel app, you can also have the complete calendar with all your bookings at your fingertips!

Thanks to the Angel App, in fact, managing your business will be a breeze!

Look no further when you need some storage on your journey.The moment you book it you will have all the nearest location to your convenience.A well known and we'll trusted home to make your journey easy peasy.
Abdul Shakoor