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About Qu-You

Allen & Heath Qu-You

Qu-You release V1.90.
This is the Android version for Qu mixers running V1.9 firmware.

Qu-You is a personal monitor mixing app for the Qu mixer giving you customised control of your own monitor mix on stage. It is for remote control of a mix in the console. It does not pass audio. Qu-You connects via Wi-Fi to a Qu-16, Qu-24, Qu-32, Qu-Pac or Qu-SB mixer. Up to 7 devices running Qu-You plus an iPad running Qu-Pad can be used at the same time.

Qu-You lets you:

- Choose the monitor mix (Qu Mix 1-10, and Grp1-8 if in mix mode)
- Assign which sources to control (Channels, FX returns, Groups)
- View channels numbers, names and meters
- Assign up to 4 groups of sources to level trim wheels
- Create a 'Me' group for quick control of your own channels
- Name each group
- Control the mix master level and mute
- Control the mix master PEQ, Graphic EQ and Compressor
- Control the mix send levels and pan
- Lock the mix and/or processing to prevent user error
- Use a login password if one is set at the Qu mixer


An Allen & Heath Qu-16, Qu-24, Qu-32, Qu-Pac or Qu-SB mixing console running V1.9n version firmware (n=0-9), with a wireless router (wireless access point) connected to its Network port. The Qu mixer firmware and Qu-You app maintenance version numbers ā€˜nā€™ do not need to be identical, for example Qu-You V1.90 would run with Qu mixer V1.91. Refer to the Allen & Heath web site for more information and to download the latest Qu mixer firmware.

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