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About SQ4You

SQ4You release V1.5.0

This version is for SQ mixers running V1.5.* firmware.

SQ4You is a personal monitor mixing app for the SQ mixer giving you customised control of your own monitor mix on stage using a smart phone or tablet.

It is for remote control of a single mix (it does not pass audio), and connects to the SQ via a wireless router.

SQ4You allows you to :

- Choose any aux mix to control
- Assign which sources to control (Channels, FX returns, Groups)
- View channels numbers, names and meters
- Control individual channel send levels and pan
- Assign up to 4 groups of channels to level trim wheels
- Create a 'Me' group for quick control of your own channels
- Name each group
- Control the aux mix level and mute
- Control the aux mix PEQ, Graphic EQ and Compressor
- Lock the mix and/or processing to prevent user error

Requirements :

An Allen & Heath SQ mixing console with a wireless router (wireless access point) connected to its Network port.
The SQ mixer firmware and SQ4You app must share the same major release version but maintenance version numbers do not need to be identical, for example SQ4You V1.5.0 is compatible with SQ firmware V1.5.1.
A user must have both ‘SQ4You’ and access to at least one mix allowed in SQ User Permissions.
Refer to the Allen & Heath web site for more information and to download the latest SQ mixer firmware.

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Excellent for Semi-pro to Pro singers and speakers
Andrew McElhannon
ShahRiL ApiK
the app is not allowing me to connect to my SQ-7 because it is saying the version of the app does not match the firmware version of the console. but shouldn't the most recent app update automatically match t...
Matthew Barba