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About #CrockFit

Alex Crockford, the creator of #CrockFit is a personal trainer & fitness model from Surrey, UK. Alex‘s passion is to help people around the world become healthier, fitter & stronger. He believes fitness is for us all, no matter what our current fitness level or experience is! The workouts in the #CrockFit App are accessible & fun, but will also challenge you to become the best version of yourself!

The #CrockFit App functions as your complete training guide, providing workout programmes suitable for gym or home training, designed to increase your physical fitness, burn fat, gain muscle and transform your body. You are guided through your workout plan with a step-by-step journey, tutorial videos and the ability to track the weights you use during workouts.

Additional features include the ability to upload monthly progress photos and body weight measurements. The #CrockFit App will also provide access to the #CrockFitter’s (the user) additional information such as the #CrockFit Food Plan and the training fundamentals from the original PDFs.

The FREE version includes a 1 week trial programme for home or gym training to experience what it’s like to be a #CrockFitter!

You can learn more about the varied #CrockFit Plans (GymFit SheFit HomeFit etc.)

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Great workout plans! App tells you how to perform the exercise and you can make timers for your own workouts! You can also track your weight and progress. Great app!
Tony Guerrero
I'm nearly at the end of Gymfit 1 on the Crockfit app and I'm loving it! The app is excellent, it gets regular updates with more features and it works flawlessly. It's great value for money too. Highly recom...
Ben Raisbeck
One of the 2 fitness apps that I have paid for, and I would say that I have no regrets buying the suscription for the GymFit program. There is a huge variety of exercises, well-arranged in a good workout sch...
Chen Zhi Liu
After many months of looking for a training app and I've found it. I have completed Homefit 1 and so chuffed with the results. This app includes so much great information. Workout plan, instructions, diet pl...
Marc Stephens
great app, with a large variety of exercises. good if you want to built muscles at home or at the gym, to be more healthy. iy's ideal if you search routine of functional movements to help you built strength ...
Charlotte Meneghini
It is a great way to follow the workouts, so great app
Jonathan Caceres Jimenez