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About Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon

Join to the new idle clicker game simulator! Beautiful graphics, gorgeous animations, a simple interface and very easy to play!

Invest earned gold coins and earn even more to buy more unique buildings and characters or even heroes !

Compete with your friends! Who will be the best ruler in this game ?

It’s not necessary to play all the time, everything works offline, just come and collect cash income.

Become medieval millionaire and make your epic adventure !

Here you will find everything you need to pass the time funny:
* Construct buildings and expand your kingdom
* Upgrade buildings to increase profit
* Build up your royal reputation to be the richest medieval king among your friends
* Tap on your mine to collect diamonds
* Buy more than 60 different citizens and 5 heroes with their completely unique skills, stories and voices
* Increase profits, raising the level of characters
* More than 1000 quests with rewards
* Collect reward chests
* Collect cards with an income multiplier, combine them to get more powerful cards
* Different seasons
* Messages interception from other kingdoms
* Create your own strategies to earn money, learn how to buy the right residents for maximum benefit
* Enjoy by playing mini games
* Create your medieval tycoon businessman legend

We are very grateful that you play our game. Take part in the development: if you have some interesting ideas, contact us: [email protected]

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Seems good so far. Good gameplay loop for an idle game. No forced ads and minimal ad offers so far.
Some Guy Named Gabbo
Is good
Shellshocked Bros
Fantastic game. I ran into a couple issues but the devs were able to fix my problem.
Brett Michelson