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AIRSIM ROAM lets you manage your AIRSIM account, you can top up, buy data package and enjoy roaming in over 80+ countries using your AIRSIM. .

AIRSIM is a special SIM card that combines Soft SIM and Over-the-AIR (OTA)technologies. When you travel abroad, our system will assign a suitable local SIM card to your AIRSIM according to your location. With AIRSIM, you can always enjoy great savings on roaming mobile data service.


1. AIRSIM is reusable and allows you to enjoy economical mobile data service in 130+ countries.

2. You can buy the data plan or top up via AIRSIM Roam. You can enjoy the data service immediately upon arrival.

3. You don’t need to spend time on buying local SIM cards anymore.

AirSIM is the best thing ever!! I don't need to purchase SIM cards for different countries I visit. AirSIM is all I need now, just purchase a data plan before my trip on their App and I'm all set. Easy! High...
Yvonne Chu
Thank you, airsim. A good coverage whn i was in europe. The only thing is that not sure how to use the airtalk. Perhaps will try it someday in other country. Recommended👍 if only the airsim expired in 2 yea...
noor sapuan
Very good 👍
Yvonne Tham