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About School Connect

School Connect

School Connect APP
-Connecting Schools and Parents/Students made easy.

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The only sleek Mobile APP that lets the school administration & teachers connect with parent & student community efficiently.
school connect App is making its stamp as a niche product exclusively developed for school segment, offering a multi-faceted solution to all, the school administration, teachers and parents.

Benefits for Parents

• Helps parents to be in touch with school activities through School Connect Apps, thereby helping them to know what is going on!

• Frequently getting mobile alerts for school newsletter/Circulars/Weekly Updates and so on

• Get real time Tracking of bus pick up and drop off times

• Helps them to know the upcoming school events and PTM, especially good for working parents

• Parents get informed when events are rained out , or change in weather condition , or unscheduled school closure thereby avoiding frustration

• Get Notified when grade/marks is entered into the system

• Get Notified incase of any emergency

Benefits for School

• Saves school time spent on constant answering of the phone calls and often unnecessary questions.

• Separate Login for Teachers/Staff are available.

• Helps to support and sustain a harmonious relationship with parents.

• Helps in eliminating the paperwork or printing of newsletters, thereby enhances the financial benefits.

• Mobile App increase the Parents engagement. Survey suggests that the performance of the school is directly proportionate to the parent’s engagement. Schools performs better when it has highest level of parent engagement.

• Class notes & reminders are communicated securely by school staff to the parent via School Connect apps thereby eliminates frustrations of notes being missed out.

• School can integrate their social Media platform like FB/Twitter/LinkedIn for parents to view from the App itself.

School Admissions info, school Promotion/advertisement is possible using Refer to friends and family feature. Parents can share about your school information and admissions among their friends and family circles.

• It gives out categorized and itemized sections for

o Newsletters
o Circulars
o Events
o Calendars
o Weekly updates
o Meals Menu for preschool
o TImetable
o Marksheet
o Attendance
o Chat
o Instant notifications - School wise/Class Wise/Parent Wise.
o Unlimited Storage for Photos and Videos
o The bus tracking system is an innovative way in which the parent will be able to monitor the movement of the school bus in which their kids are travelling.

This app will perfectly suit standalone or franchise/chain schools with single monitoring system from a head office. Instant notifications and being able to access the content in offline mode is a feature which the parents would love to have. The app is stable and is perfect to be customized to any school from all over the globe. The build of the product is very user friendly and it would need minimal time for the app users or administrators to adapt to.

School management/admin/teachers want to register your school click on this url

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Jeshwanth Vijayalakshmi
This app is very good and the it support team working very good if we have some problem and tell them they rectify it very fast.
Kam esh