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About Institute Connect

Institute Connect APP
- Connecting Faculty and Students made easy.

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The only sleek Mobile APP that lets the Institute administration & Faculty connect with student community efficiently.
Institute connect App is making its stamp as a niche product exclusively developed for Coaching Class/Academic Institute segment, offering a multi-faceted solution to all, the Institute administration, Faculty and Students.

Benefits for Students

• Institute Connect provides an opportunity to offer new ways of teaching and learning that ultimately will improve performance and results.

• Students can receive automatic, personalized notifications delivered straight to their mobile devices to help them stay informed

• Ability to submit Assignments through our APP

• Students will get to receive the useful course material in form of Video/PDF/Word/PPT etc. from their respective faculty.

• No more constant checking for midterms (Timetable) being available and grades being posted. Now, all updates go right to the student mobile!

• Students can voice their feedback of their faculty through our app.

Benefits for Institute:

• One of the best ways to reach today’s active, tech-savvy students is to deliver learning where students already are: on smartphones and tablets.

• leveraging mobile platforms is an easy way for Institute to connect with students whether they are on campus or on the go.

• Our App allows faculty to boost engagement with students and extend the reach of their Institute.

• Our App provides insight on which students are involved and which students need encouragement, accordingly your institution can identify what resources students need to succeed while boosting retention in the process.

• If need be, Institutes can create login for parents to track their children performance and keep monitoring them all the time. They get to see the Attendance/Marks/Grades of their children.

• Separate login for Staff is also provided, with which faculty can interact with their student and improve the learning experience.

• Cut down on cost for administration/SMS Pack/Stationaries.

• Institute can integrate their social Media platform like FB/Twitter/LinkedIn for Students to view from the App itself.

• It gives out categorized and itemized sections for

o Newsletters
o Circulars
o Events
o Calendars
o Weekly updates
o TImetable
o Marksheet
o Attendance
o Chat
o Instant notifications – To all students of Institute /To particular Batch of students /To particular Student.
o Unlimited Storage for Photos and Videos

Instant notifications and being able to access the content in offline mode is a feature which the Students would love to have. The app is stable and is perfect to be customized to any institute from all over the globe. The build of the product is very user friendly and it would need minimal time for the app users or administrators to adapt to.

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