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About Aesthetic Tarot: Daily Reading

You are about to discover a mysterious world of Aesthetic Tarot app. All in all Tarot is a great instrument to predict future variations and disclose your inner motivation — a kind of psychotherapist right at hand any moment you need an advice. You don't need to know the tarot guide — the app will do the magic for you in a blink of an eye. Use it to the utmost to unlock everything that is hidden in the subconsciousness and broaden your consciousness.


*Daily Tarot Reading. See your daily tarot reading to get some clues and avoid rough situations. The meaning of the card will give you an advice and the image might bring some additional information from your subconsciousness.

*Variety of Tarot spreads. Cast tarot spreads on the spheres that are relevant to your situation.
We offer you:
☆Love Reading— will give you food for thought about what is going on in your love life as well as some useful hints if you are in a relationship or will help you to understand why you are still single.
☆Future Prediction — predicts one of the most possible variants of the nearest future and gives reasonable advice.
☆Career Tarot Spread — will show you the way to make a breakthrough in your career life as sometimes it's difficult to see the whole picture of what is going on from the inside.

☆As a bonus we also added the "Yes or No" tarot question for you to get the answer to the problematic question immediately ☆

Peculiarities of our app:
○You can choose the back of the deck that suits you the most out of four incredible variants!
○ The deck is absolutely unique. Each card was created by a real witch and carries an enormous amount of energy to help you out!
○ You can use the card from your spread as a screensaver or share it with your friends on social networks!
○ Tarot cards free, without ads and subscriptions!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Aesthetic Tarot app?

Aesthetic Tarot app is a mysterious world that allows you to predict future variations and discover your inner motivation through tarot readings.

What features does Aesthetic Tarot app offer?

Aesthetic Tarot app offers daily tarot readings, a variety of tarot spreads (such as Love Reading, Future Prediction, and Career Tarot Spread), and a "Yes or No" tarot question for immediate answers.

How does the daily tarot reading work?

The daily tarot reading provides clues and advice for your day. The meaning of the tarot card will give you guidance, and the image may bring additional information from your subconsciousness.

What are the different tarot spreads available?

The app offers Love Reading, Future Prediction, and Career Tarot Spread as different tarot spreads to provide insights into different aspects of your life.

What are the peculiarities of the Aesthetic Tarot app?

The app allows you to choose the back of the tarot deck that suits you best, uses unique cards created by a real witch with powerful energy, allows you to use the cards as screensavers or share them on social networks, and is free from ads and subscriptions.
I found this amazing app and this card reading app is great to have as an alternative when you don't have at hand the cards to shuffle. The one card reading is the best option in my case, it really helps for...
bode samantha
The best Tarot app Ive ever downloaded. I wake up and draw my daily card while I get ready for the new day. I have learned so much, tracking my day to day. Love spreads are very accurate. I checked with my f...
Anakita Vance