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About Actofit Fitness

New: Actofit provides home workouts that requires no equipment. With Actofit you can follow workout programs with in-built instructions and videos of every exercise.

Actofit Health & Workouts App is the go-to app that allows you to keep track of their all daily activity, workouts, sleep, and body composition stats. This app monitors your heart rate in real-time and calculates your time-based as well as heart rate based calories. It also displays your overall progress of strength, endurance and health in form of stats and graphs. Wearable devices can be connected to the app in order to measure your fitness and training and give you a fair idea about your progress in terms of your fitness goals.

This app can be used from for fitness professionals and beginners who are keen on having a fitter and healthier lifestyle.


- Tracks your daily activities like steps, distance, and sleep along with calories burnt and sync all the data with Google Fit.

- Track guided workouts as well as freestyle workouts with stats in detail through your wearable device.

- This fitness app has workouts for your abs, chest, legs, arms, shoulders, cardio individually as well as comprehensively. All the workouts are designed by experts.

- Home Workouts are equipment-free, so there's no need to go to the gym or own equipments.

- During live workouts track the calories you're burning and heart rate zones if you're connected to a wearable.

- From warm up before Workouts to stretching after Workouts, enjoy an end to end experience.

- Fancy being your own coach? Create custom guided workouts and follow them.

- Cardio training & progress analytics with 18 different cardio options.

- Track 15 body composition matrix for the individual user and provide history logs along with generating a PDF report.

- Wireless sync to all your wearables to be the single point fitness portal for you via Bluetooth. Connects to different devices like Actofit Impulse, Actofit Edge watch, Actofit SmartScale, and Actofit Chest strap to be a one-stop app for all your fitness needs.

- Manually insert workout logs in case if your exercise isn’t tracked.

- Get invites from personal trainers or Gx coaches to attend group classes through the app and beat your personal best.

- Have a personal coach called ActoBot which guides about nutrition and exercises, along with body composition results.

- Input meals intake information to track your daily nutrition values and macronutrients.

The only body building app that covers everything and is designed to satisfy every customer from beginner to advance level athletes

This second wave has been a bummer for a gym addict like me, but this app has helped me SO MUCH. Live coaching is amazing.
Graves Eleanor
The app has offered me a smooth transition from gym to home workouts. Recommend everyone out there to use it.
Jaiswal Sardarni
I LOVE Actofit! All the trainers are great so far. The workouts are usually amazing, albeit taste and preference is subjective but these are actually beneficial.
Cummerata Cassidy