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About Spitkiss

Spitkiss is a colorful and true one finger platformer that lets you enter into the lovely world of the Spitkissers, tiny creatures that communicate through body fluids and emojis. With an innovative swipe to jump mechanic, Spitkiss throws out virtual buttons and other tropes of classic platformers.

You will have to lovespit your way through organs by jumping, trickling, bouncing and bullet timing. Surgical precision and reflexes will be required to see the outcome of Ymer's feelings !

The game’s scenario includes themes of polyamory and genderfluid/non-binary identities on two layers. One story takes place in the metanarrative of the Spitkissers, the other in the hand-drawn tale of Ymer, whose body is represented as the playground of this game.

<3 Main Features <3

- 80 levels with replayability challenges
- A trippy love story told through comics and emojis.
- Organic progression and pee challenges.
- Intuitive and simple swipe-to-jump controls.

awesome game. fun gameplay that makes great use of the touch screen, superb aesthetics and artwork with a fun and funny story. catchy, relaxing music that doesnt get boring or annoying and well done sound de...
Troy Young
Everything a mobile game should be! My 7 year old and I are obsessed. That being said, I'm glad he's only 7, because there's some very suggestive emojis that I'm glad he doesn't understand haha.
Kevin Henkelman
Easy to get into, fun to master, and couldn't be cuter. Has a great pace & variety of challenges for it's simplicity. Absolutely adore this!
Nani Popper