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About PokaLive - Live Stream Video Chat & Make Friends

Is your life boring? Want to find friends? Need something funny and meaningful? it is the right app for you!
PokaLive is a 1-on-1 and multiplayer online video chat app where you can have tons of fun! You will find it so relaxing to online video chat dan find friends from the world.

◾Random Smart matching video call:
- One-click matching video call ,with 24 hours real person interactive online,meet your destiny!
- According to your preference,we can recommend the users you may like based on the users you follow or have video calls with.

◾1-on-1 Online Video Chat and Find Friends:
- You can live video chat after setting up a chat line with just one tap! Discover new people you are interested in and enjoy a fun 1-on-1 video chat experience!
- The platform attaches great importance to the privacy 1-on-1 communication, and your 1-on-1 live video communication content will be protected

◾Make Friends Worldside
- You can make 1-on-1 live video calls with people anywhere in the world,Go beyond geological boundaries and make international friends
- Don’t be shy! Showcase the best you! Get to know new people in the simplest way. Tap on the screen to online video chat and find friends from different parts of the world.

◾Free Message Fast Chat
- Simple & fast chat free
- When you find yourself short of words or terribly shy, you can text to show your feelings.
On PokaLive, you’re no longer just random passersby to one another. You may even develop a profound friendship here. No worries, you can keep in touch with your new buddies on PokaLive for as long as you want.

◾Fantastic Gifts
- We have animated gifts, festival gifts and gifts for specific events to show your adoration!

◾Beauty Effect Feature
- You can personalize the beauty effects to make yourself look prettier.

Let’s slow down for a second from our daily bustles, and enjoy the fun PokaLive brings. Try PokaLive live video and get to know awesome people from all over the world now!

Follow & Contact Us
Facebook: @PokaLive
Instagram: @PokaLive Offical
ShareChat:PokaLive @1304251949
If you want to be our streamer agency : [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is PokaLive?

PokaLive is a live stream video chat app where you can make friends and have fun through online video chats.

How does the app work?

You can use PokaLive to have 1-on-1 video chats with people from around the world. The app also offers smart matching and recommendations based on your preferences.

Can I make friends worldwide with PokaLive?

Yes, you can make 1-on-1 video calls with people from anywhere in the world. The app allows you to go beyond geographical boundaries and connect with international friends.

Is there a chat feature in PokaLive?

Yes, PokaLive offers a fast chat feature where you can message your friends if you feel shy or are short of words.

Are there any special features in PokaLive?

PokaLive provides beauty effect features to personalize your appearance during video chats. The app also offers fantastic gifts that you can send to show your adoration.

How can I get in touch with PokaLive?

You can follow PokaLive on Facebook (@PokaLive) and Instagram (@PokaLive Official). For business inquiries as a streamer agency, you can contact [email protected].