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About Detective Note Keeper - Companion app - NOT A GAME

⚠️PLEASE NOTE: This is intended to be used with the Among us game on another device or PC.⚠️

-Keep notes while playing the game, like a notepad.
-This is not a Game!⚠️
-Create an avatar to share with friends, using our custom chibi astrobeans.
-All items have been redrawn to fit the new short fat astrobean.
-Look up the names of the rooms for each map and where vents lead.
-Did we say this is not a game?⚠️
-Keep track of tasks like a to-do list.
-Please dont leave a review saying this is not a game 😢

Do you ever find yourself lost and confused in your Among Us games?

Do you have trouble remembering where you’ve been, what you’ve done and who you’ve seen?

Do you struggle to figure out WHO THE DANG IMPOSTER IS!?

Well say no more! We’re here to save the day!

The Among Us Detective Companion is a easy to use, streamline mini-app designed to keep all the fun, suspense and difficulty of Among Us intact, while giving you a small helping hand when it comes to keeping track of where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and who you’ve seen, much like a real detective and their notepad!

Note: this is neither a game nor a standalone app, but must be used alongside the main Among Us Game!

Pink standing in the hallway, doing nothing? Mark as sus!
Green following you around in the dark? Super sus!
Orange taking forever on incredibly simple tasks? May just be a newbie but DEFINITELY MARK DOWN AS SUS!

Keep track of who you think or know to be innocent, who’s definitely sus, and who’s a bit of both with the Suspects Tab.


Never forget what tasks you’ve done, and in what order ever again! With the Tasks Tab, you’ll be able to mark out tasks to do, and tasks you’ve completed. Unless you’re the imposter, then just lie.

“I found the body in uhh.. That room.. You know, the one with the metal stuff in..”

In the Map Tab, you’ll find a full overview of each map, along with room names, vent routes and security camera hotspots. Never lose your way again!

Avatar Creation
With our advanced, world class, state of the art Avatar Creation Tab, you’ll be able to fully customise any and all avatars you want. You can then use your avatar to impress people, and make them say, “Wow, what a cool avatar dude!”


🔮Request more features @

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Nice game
Irtikaaz Haydar
Don't you add glass on 1 among us part it's kinda sus
Ly Seng
i really love this app. It really helps me but theres something that always messes me up. So ive played among us for a year so now the game lets me play with 100 players and lets you duplicate colors so ther...
Margjela Ahmeti
Omg. I love this app it helps me so much with playing Umong Us. Keep it up.(I love the new update)
Shauna Martin
Love the app! i know u said how among us had to be on a differnet device but could u make an overlay like a circle at the side of the screen that just opens up a tiny tab with the stuff the app has at the si...
I like it
Kalam Azad