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About BruKit - Craft Beer Brewing Calculator

BruKit is the handy app designed to help you zoom through all your home brewing calculations! Determine strength, bitterness, and colour of current and future brews! Essential for homebrewers, professional brewers and tasters alike!

Available calculators (so far) • Alcohol Content • Priming Sugar • Fermentables Conversion

ABV Calculator
Use the quick and easy ABV calculator to figure out the alcohol percentage by volume of your brews! Available in both specific gravity and Brix format!

International Bitterness (IBU) Calculator
Our easy to use IBU calculator will use your Batch Size and Original gravity numbers to estimate how bitter your beer will be based on all hop additions. Differences between full or partial mash and whole leaf or pellet hops are considered in the calculations ideally aiming between 0-120.

Fermentable Source Converter
Need to substitute out single or multiple ingredients? Use the built-in fermentable source converter to see exactly how much of the other ingredient is needed!

Priming Sugar Calculator
When your homebrew is finished and ready to be packaged, use our priming sugar calculator to find exactly how much priming sugar is needed to achieve the perfect level of carbonation for your brew to zoom off the shelves.

Coming soon!
• Dilution / Boil Off
• Hydrometer Correction
• SG to Plato
• Strike Water Temperature
• Yeast Pitch Rate

BruKit is essential if you’re homebrewing, both casually or professionally, or just brewing in general. From start to finish, BruKit will help guide you to zoom through all stages of the brewing process, with detailed calculations, so you’re never left guessing.

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Happy Brewing!

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Super handy app to have for any brewer!
Mitch Feaver
Great app. Getting better all the time. Perfect brew companion for quick answers. I use it every brew.
Jacob Green
Really handy calculator functions. Very easy to use and cool design!
Joseph Wynne